Greenhood Organic Farms

For sale: Unique lifestyle and business opportunities.



In response to growing demand for our products and to further build our grower’s network, we have some very exciting plans ahead of us. In early summer we will be launching our organic herb growing development, Greenhood Organic Farms in Timboon, Victoria. It will provide eight families with the opportunity to develop and manage their individual herb growing enterprises within a creative sharing community. We will provide assistance via mentorship, workshops and grower contracts. The landholders will provide each other with mutual support and the ability to share capital expenditures such as drying sheds, agricultural equipment and contract services.

Over the last 25 years we have taught, mentored, worked with and learnt from over 200 growers and during this time, the important elements for success in this area have become clear. Given this knowledge, we have carefully selected this property and worked on the concept for over six years to be able to present this unique growing environment, which we trust will present the opportunity for participant’s success. We are passionate about sustainable regional development, keeping knowledgeable and experienced people within our rural communities, to care for our farming lands and native environment. We believe in the strength of working together.

Greenhood Organic Farms – is an eight lot environmental & organic farming development in Timboon, South West Victoria.  2km to Timboon, 15km Port Campbell beach and Great Ocean Road and 50km to Warrnambool. Timboon Township offers shops, hospital and P-12 school.

Creating an intentional community based on people passionate in building a home, business and lifestyle around growing organic medicinal herbs in a supportive professional environment.

Each farm block consists of beautiful undulating land with good fertile soils, a permanent creek, off stream water storage and irrigation entitlements. The farms are between 4 – 5 hectares, containing a home site parcel and choice of horticultural areas.

A large common property area encompassing the creek and riparian zone is dedicated to protect local flora and fauna, including the endangered Swamp Greenhood Orchid. As a member of the local Heytesbury Landcare group, guidance for the maintenance and enhancement of these sites will be in good hands.



The Vision

1-2 years

* Build homes and farm infrastructure.

* Expand herb gardens from trial plots to target production as peoples knowledge, confidence and capacity develop.

*establish propagation nursery.

3-5 years

* Centralized drying and processing facility.

*Contractor available with mechanized equipment to help fulfil major tasks of soil preparation, planting, weeding and harvesting for the whole group.

* Open farms to connect to the organic and natural medicine community as a place of learning and sharing of traditional organic herb practices.


*The farm will aim to grow herbs on contract to supply Sothern Light Herbs national sales requirements.

*Grow fresh produce for the local community and Great Ocean Road speciality stores and cafes.



What it offers participants.

1) Access to knowledge and experience from Michael and Natalie and the Southern Light Herbs growers network to ensure ongoing support and success.

2) Sustainable income from herb production

3) Value adding opportunities as production and skills develop.

4) Reduced costs of farming for both overhead and variable costs. (Including group A.C.O organic certification.)

5) Flexibility with labour requirements, as resources and skills can be shared within the group.

Process of Sale

An open day will be held at Greenhood Organic Farms in Timboon on Sunday the 15th of December.  Representatives of the organic industry and current growers will be present on the day to share their experiences.

To provide a broad and interactive view of organic dried herb production,  an Introduction to Herb Growing Workshops will be offered on Southern Light Herbs Maldon farm on the 22nd of December for those considering  the project.

The blocks will be released for  private sale as of the 1st of January, 2014.

Information packs will be available to those interested in purchasing a block.

We anticipate participants will commence trials on their farms in the 2014/15 season

Visit for more information or call us on mob. 0429 808 636